From weddings, events and corporate functions to picnics or private cheffing, plated meals to sumptious harvest tables, Alex will take your event to higher ground.

Alex’s passion is for good food and happy people and catering allows him the opportunity to create both. If you’re looking for someone who will go the extra mile for your special event and leave your guests smiling from ear to ear, Alex is your man. Step away from the traditional catering buffet and ask him to create a bepsoke menu to suit your occasion, your needs and your budget. His menus can be made vegan-friendly and to suit all other dietary requirements.

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If you have a very-special occasion to celebrate, I highly recommend you ask Alex Poltera to put that proverbial cherry on the top.

That’s what Ben, my fiancée, did for our engagement picnic. He was confident that Alex would ensure a lasting memory – and this he did with understated elegance. All my favourites were included in our celebratory feast. They were filled with ‘deliciousness’ and so very stylishly presented. It was the best-planned, ‘glampicnic’ imaginable. I was left speechless which meant I had more time to tuck into a day of tasters – each morsel tantalising my taste buds. I applaud Alex for his attention to detail especially as this was December 26, 2016 – a super-busy time of the year for him. I’m aware how much creativity, time and energy it takes to produce what Alex presented and I am deeply grateful to him for the work he put into our special day. Thank you, Alex – you are a credit to the culinary industry.


I would like to say a huge thank you to Alex Poltera and his incredible team for making our wedding menu an absolutely incredible culinary experience. I had one guest come up to me during the evening and say "This is not wedding food", and it certainly wasn't the mass-produced, over-cooked meal one might expect at such a large event, but rather, a slick production of one masterful plate after another. From the canapes to the cake, every bite was perfection. And besides being an unbelievable chef, thank you for your incredible organisation, efficient team and waiters, and the finishing touches down to the card signed by each person there wishing us congratulations. It was unforgettable.


Alex Poltera catered for my wedding and I would not hesitate to use him again. From the moment we met, he was attentive, professional and creative. A wedding is one of those events that brings a wide variety of tastes and ages together. Added onto the pressure, we asked for a meat free menu! Alex put together an incredible spread which had our guests going up for seconds and thirds! So many guests complimented us on the food that evening, with some even asking me for a copy of the menu so they could recreate their favourite dishes at home! We have been married for just over a year, and people still remember our wedding for the food! Alex's direction and his wonderful team made the food stand out in everyone's memories.


We hired Alex for a day of training our restaurant kitchen staff in cooking vegan cuisine. Our restaurant in the Winelands is the first Omni-vegan restaurant in the country, and we wanted to ensure our staff knew how to make good quality and delicious food for our vegan patrons. Having eaten at The Snooty Fox, we knew and trusted Alex’s culinary finesse and were confident that he could set the staff on their way. Relaxed and friendly, Alex was a hit with our chefs and, using existing ingredients in the kitchen, he taught them how to make a variety of vegan dishes and desserts, as well as useful tips and tricks to cooking vegan. A year later, and our new little restaurant is one of Eat Out’s Top 500 in the country and one of Tripadvisor’s Top 50 places to eat at in the Winelands. Alex is a pleasure to do business with and comes highly recommended by myself, my husband and our team.


Dear Alex, I felt it pertinent to drop you a line to give you our heartfelt thanks for your ceaseless delivery of fine dining services to the FarSide Farm! We have had the privilege of engaging your considerable skills on 5 separate occasions. As you know these have ranged from parties of 100+ through to considered fine dining experiences for small groups of couples. In every instance, a smiling face, positive energy and unbridled passion for your art has resulted in the delivery of world-class culinary experiences.

Well done to you and all those who work in your slipstream!

We look forward to many repeats!


Alex! You and your team are absolute stars!! We never have to worry when we get you on board, and each and every event you do with us blows us away!

Your amazing food never fails to delight (the chocolate tarts are a particular favourite!!) – and you always make the planning so easy! Looking forward to the next exciting event we have to plan together!!